Commercial Property

In this century, there is a never-ending adamant mall culture in the capital city of the country. The ideal malls of Delhi NCR have led the shopping spree and hanging out to another tremendous and exciting level.  Right from shopping, to finding solace with our well-wishers or just a business meeting over a cup of coffee, the mall culture has won all the purpose.

Transforming the way people perceive quality, the Anthem Group offers, a one-stop masterpiece construction like never before for this gram generation, has recently constructed the KINGDOM MALL, HOMES AND APARTMENTS in the privileged and convenient - friendly place at Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad. This grand mall is associated with a well renowned Sufi Singer,  Padam Shri KAILASH KHER. KINGDOM MALL is itself a luxury spreading over 1 lac square feet(approx.) that offers 9 floors that acquire 150 shops, 92 studio apartments with separate entrance, a huge lobby with elevators , well-designed kids area, food courts, 3 restaurants, 2 multiplex and 1 banquet under a single roof in its masterpiece construction KINGDOM MAL undoubtedly the ideal one-stop solution and choice.

Kingdom mall pertains both national and international brands of clothing, boutiques, electronics, cosmetics, jewellery, restaurants and cafés offering rejuvenation and entertainment variants under one roof exclusively to offer only royalty and luxury at its best. Having said that, with over 100+ retailers and an enormous sitting capacity, the kingdom mall has it all to win and deliver every criterion for a better society. Apart from this, what makes the HIGH STREET RETAIL mall stand out is its open parking space. Having a double space basement with and 3000 square yards with open front space, with parking space for about 250 cars, the mall offers to help people have access to a hustle free parking experience, reducing the probability of issues like space and towing. The kingdom mall brings for you about 51 registered shops with a price range starting with 8.88 lacs, we heartily welcome investors to our commercial page. Our 9 floors are divided and designed securing and keeping in mind the different interest of society.

Right from covering the lower ground floor, ground floor, first floor and second floor,  the mall offers necessities like shopping complex, mini stores, latest box office blockbusters with luxurious comfort , open spaces for lip-smacking quick bites and kids area section that makes it a great hotspot for entertainment and convenience. While on the third, fourth and fifth floor the kingdom mall offers prime cineplex with 2 screens and a lavish food court at the same level. The remaining floors at the kingdom mall have alluring studio apartments and commercial complexes.

Taking about the commercial spaces, the Kingdom mall offers an exclusive range of floors with enormous space for its potential consumers. The kingdom mall offers a large amount of market appraisal especially for its consumers with the following interests :

  1. Anchor Shops: The Kingdom mall offers anchor stores or big department stores at the mall. These anchor shops from the lower ground to the first floor extends up to an area of 3800 sq ft to 11000 sq feet. These anchor shops at kingdom mall present a large advertising budget and a wide range of desirable merchandise to help anchor stores attract the maximum number of shoppers to the mall. Those shoppers often spend money at the anchor stores as well as smaller retailers near and around. These anchor stores at the kingdom mall are no less than a boon for people who are looking out to invest in commercial space and earn huge revenue. These anchor stores at kingdom mall offer you with an opportunity of owning big well-known chain retailers such as Levi’s, Woodland, Allen Solly, Sephora, Marks and Spencers, Big Bazaar, Zara, Samsung, Apple, etc. These perfectly designed anchor stores at the kingdom mall are must one to own.
  2. Store and Offices: With the advent of modernization, this century is all about work hard, play hard. With Co-working spaces taking work ethics to an amazing altitude, the kingdom mall has an extensive space for stores and offices extending over from 225 sq ft. to 250 sq ft with an access to restaurants, food courts and movie theatres anytime . Especially for the working mothers, they are open to benefit of kids area at this amazing mall, for them to be carefree while at work. Little play and work make it for a perfect corporate life. So these stores and offices are a one-stop solution for all the investors who are ready to own their own corporate space and be spoilt with the luxurious atrocities at the kingdom mall.
  3. Resturants: Today mall owners are changing their perspective of how wisely they choose tenants and many are now adding high-end and popular restaurants as a way to attract the endless number of shoppers. That’s an amazing strategy for potential restaurant owners at malls looking to pull shoppers back from their computers. The Kingdom mall offers 3 huge restaurant spaces, two on the ground floor and one on the second floor. The restaurant on the second floor has a huge balcony space expanding up to 3820 square feet approximately. These fine dining and luxurious spaces are definitely worth investing your money in.
  4. Hart Shops: Especially for investors who are looking out to own a mid-sized value-driven store, these hart shops at the kingdom mall is an appropriate selection. These hart shops are on the second floor of the mall and expand up to an area of 60 sq ft to 80 sq ft. These hart shops instantly attract the shoppers with its open space display and glimpse that catches and stops every eye around.
  5. Food Court: Whether you choose to go shopping inside the mall or not, Food courts are still going to be a very budget-friendly yet sophisticated place to take your family out for dining with different cuisines and food chains under one roof. What better than that to allure the shoppers at the mall. The kingdom mall offers a spacious food court at 4 th and 5th floor along with cineplex, full of buzz and entertainment expanding up to 250 sq ft to 400 sq ft approximately. It's a great option to invest, grab the attention of the shoppers and make huge revenue from the same.
  6. Banquets: Every occasion marks a memorable moment depending upon important factors like venue, food, decor, parking space, etc. The kingdom mall exclusively offers spacious banquets to meet the criteria for all sorts of events. These spacious banquets are at 5 th floor of the mall with an area extending up to 500Sq. Mtr.(approx.). These banquets at the kingdom mall can be a good source of business investment and help you reap not only profits but deliver the best of banquet services to consumers at such a prime location with all sort of different entertainment and atrocities under one roof with a huge and convenient parking space.

The Kingdom mall by the Anthem Group is definitely one of its kind construction fulfilling all the criteria to win it all. Right from the prime setup to the stores, cinemas, restaurants, banquets, it is a one-stop solution for everything. Kingdom Mall is meant to spoil every investor and consumer with luxury and comfort at their convenience.

If you dream it you achieve it, here's an opportunity if your thinking about a market appraisal on your shops or home you can contact us anytime. Investing in KINGDOM MALL is even more hassle-free as for most of the business options because issues like electricity, council tax, and rates are fully taken care of by the serviced office contract and are included as part of our space deal.

With a dedication to quality and excellence, KINGDOM MALL with its prime location and luxurious offerings like never before will surely not disappoint you with your decision to invest with us. We believe in delivering our best through encouraging solid teamwork within a dynamic facility and working environment. Anthem group offers a personalized, professional and high-quality real estate services to every client, family, and business that are looking to invest and feel worth and make the most of their hard-earned money.